Strongbow Apple Ciders Brings The Flavour of Real Apples To Town!

Kuala Lumpur & Pulau Pinang: The world’s leading cider brand, Strongbow Apple Ciders is bringing the taste of real apple to Klang Valley and Penang folks, reconnecting them with nature in the flavours of Gold Apple, Elderflower and Dark Fruit. Visit any of the Cider Garden locations and redeem a free bottle of Strongbow Apple Cider as part of our 200,000 bottles give away from now till June 2017!

The Strongbow Cider Garden, a first of its kind space made its first appearance in Malaysia at Gurney Plaza between 12th to 14th May offering visitors fresh-tasting apple cider in a nature-themed environment.

The space will now pop up in other locations in Klang Valley and Penang, inviting fans to take a step back within the unique Nature Remix surroundings bringing a slice of nature into the concrete city while enjoying a sip of Strongbow Apple Cider by checking out the exciting activities lined up.

Enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste that comes with the richness of real apples in every bottle of Strongbow Apple Ciders through the Strongbow Apple to Cider Fridge. Constructed especially for the Cider Garden, it automatically trades real apples into real cider. Just put in an apple available at the Cider Garden and receive a complimentary bottle of Strongbow. It doesn’t get any more easy and natural than that! The treat just doesn’t end there – promotional vouchers will also be given away for your next Strongbow Apple Ciders purchase.

The Cider Garden also provides a rare treat for visitors as Strongbow offers exclusive samples of Strongbow-infused ice cream made specially by The Ice Cream. Buskers and a marching band entertained throughout the day, ensuring a not-to-be-missed experience.

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