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Guinness Foreign Extra Stout: Crafted with Character

GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout unveils new packaging designs; launches campaign focused on the flavour of the famous black brew.

2 August 2018, KUALA LUMPUR – GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout, the world’s No. 1 stout, has unveiled a stunning new look for its bottles and cans. Full of character, the refreshed packaging has been crafted with a modern, vibrant feel, but with elements which pay a nod to GUINNESS’ more than 250 years of heritage.

Long-time GUINNESS fans will recognise the return of the familiar circular shape of labels in years gone by, brought up-to-date with a design inspired by the corona of the sun’s rays during an eclipse. Standing proud in the centre is the iconic GUINNESS harp, which has been a guarantee of the quality of the brew for well over a century. The bulldog, the symbol most closely associated with GUINNESS in Malaysia, also remains as a prominent character in the new design.

GUINNESS’s famous black and gold remain the key colours of the new-look packaging, accentuated with brilliant flashes of teal and red to bring out the energy and dynamism of a brew Made of More. The signature of the brand’s founder, the legendary Arthur Guinness, completes the design; its inclusion representing the commitment to brewing excellent stout the company has prided itself on since the beginning.

But as they say, it’s what’s on the inside that counts – and that is no different here. Inside is the same, great-tasting GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout that’s been a firm favourite of Malaysians for many years. Made from only the finest ingredients – roasted malted barley, hops, special GUINNESS yeast and crystal-clear water – and crafted with the same focus on quality that has earned it the title of the world’s No. 1 Stout, it’s a brew with more flavour for those who will never accept anything less.

To accompany the launch of the new-look packaging in Malaysia, GUINNESS has embarked on a campaign which showcases this emphasis on flavour in a new light – as an accompaniment and ingredient in food.

Partnering with top local chef Johnny Fua from Hello @ Kitchen Mafia, GUINNESS has created a collectable recipe book which uses GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout in a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes. From traditional favourites including GUINNESS-infused pork ribs, unique takes on Malaysian classics including pan mee and buttermilk prawns, to completely new creations such as GUINNESS pork jerky, the GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout recipe collection shows the versatility of the brew outside of a glass.

Also included in the recipe book is a selection of dishes typically found in Malaysian eateries which pair perfectly with GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout as an accompaniment, from dried bak kut teh, fried carrot cake and assam pedas fish with salted egg. Alongside these recommendations are three unique methods of pouring GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout, each one emphasizing a different facet of its complex flavour – bringing out the richness, hop aroma, and even a sweetness not often thought of as a key characteristic of the famous black brew.

“For a brand with such a rich visual identity as GUINNESS, it’s important that we remain true to our heritage while still making the packaging appealing for modern drinkers,” said Chuang Wei Ting, Brand Manager for GUINNESS Malaysia.

“Our dedication to quality, with more craft, more character and more flavour, is what has made us Malaysia’s – and the world’s – No. 1 stout for generations. Whether you use it as a way to bring richness and depth to your home cooking, as an accompaniment to your favourite coffeeshop dishes, or enjoyed by itself in one of our three signature pours, GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout is the perfect beer for those who will never accept anything less than the best.” Chuang added.

GUINNESS fans eager to try crafting their own GUINNESS-infused meals at home can get their hands on the limited-edition collectable recipe book by taking part in one of a series of activations which will be visiting coffeeshops and food courts across Malaysia in the coming months.

After learning about the quality ingredients and brewing processes which make GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout a beer Made of More, they will receive the recipe book as a gift with purchase of GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout. Selected recipes will be available at www.facebook.com/GuinnessMalaysia for those who cannot make it to an activation near them. The new-look packaging for GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout is available from now, all across the country.