Q&A with Guang

By Vince Chow

1. How has Guang been coping with the Covid-19 crisis & MCO in Malaysia?

The COVID-19 crisis and the MCO has changed the way our business works. As patrons are unable to dine in at our locations, we are now offering delivery and take-away services to bring Guang’s food and drinks to them.

We have changed the way we operate during MCO because we would need to take extra precautions with cleanliness and hygiene. We are strictly adhering to all the guidelines that have been set by our government.

2. Tell us about the innovative delivery service Guang came up with.

We understand that many Malaysians are struggling during this challenging time, hence we came out with promotions and discounts as a way to give back and help our community. As hygiene has become a priority, we are also giving out free sanitiser sprays with every purchase because we care about everyone’s health and safety.

We have also been collaborating with FlashEx, a delivery service company, to offer special promotions to customers of both parties. We are trying our best to support other business partners via collaborations as we understand that during this period, many businesses, especially SMEs, are suffering, and that every bit of help counts.

At the heart of all our efforts, what truly matters to us is prioritising the health and safety of our community because it all comes down to “kita jaga kita”.

3. Your message to Guang’s loyal customers.

A big thank you to our loyal customers for the continuous support that they have shown us, and to the new customers that have been supporting us during this period. We understand this is a tough period for everyone, however let’s stay together to overcome this and we believe that there will always be rainbow awaiting us after the rain.

4. How is Guang preparing for the new normal?

With the current CMCO being implemented, 2 of our outlets are operating for dine in with shorter operation hours. Social distancing is strongly practiced in our outlets, where tables are kept at least 2 meters apart, and only a maximum of 4 diners are allowed per table. We have also bought a sanitising spray machine to use for deep cleaning and sanitising our outlets during after hours every day. We have also pasted social distancing and awareness stickers on tables all across our outlets that have opened for dine in.

We are strictly following the rules and regulations that have been set by the government to ensure the safety of every staffs and diners, because the safety and health of our community is what matters the most.

5. Others to Add.

We are thankful for all the front liners who have been working hard to keep us safe, and also thankful to all our business partners who have been working together to overcome this crisis. We really appreciate the effort that Heineken Malaysia Berhad has been putting in to ensure every business partner are in good care, constantly coming up with new ideas and executions (Eg: Raise Our Bars) to help us. We are doing our best as a part of society in ensuring our business is being run in a proper way, following all the rules and regulations, and ensuring that our community is in good hands. Please continue to keep an eye on us. Together we will navigate through this challenging environment and push through.