Q&A with Power Plant

1. How has Power Plant been coping with the COVID-19 crisis and MCO in Malaysia?

Prior to the Government announcing nationwide MCO on the 18th of March, our management team had already planned to implement our “New-Norm” SOP. We were only able to implement them in May when we were allowed to resume dine-ins during the CMCO period.

Power Plant fully supports the MCO regulations and initiatives put forth by the Government. During the MCO period, we were offering only delivery and takeaway services so that everyone could continue to enjoy our delicious food and drinks! The delivery and takeaway options also covers draught beer which all our all our fans who missed the taste of draught beer could now enjoy from the comforts and safety of their home.

The most important thing is to continue to push forward and to keep the team morale high. Our team believes that we can survive this winter, and it will make us closer and stronger than ever before.

2. We understand that Power Plant is doing something to support those in need. Tell us more about your initiative.

During the MCO period, amidst all the uncertainty and fears regarding the situation in Malaysia, our management team took the initiative to find ways to give back to our community and those in need. We explored several options and decided to create a campaign that would utilize our signature “Bibimbap” dish while also bringing our community together.

It was a simple campaign with our partners – Bardox, and the goal was to reach out to our fans using social media to sell our signature “Bibimbap” via delivery. With each “Bibimbap” sold, we would use the profits to donate TWO portions of food to the needy. In total, over a 14-day period, we managed to sell over 300 “Bibimbap” from our delivery platform in our Cheras outlet.

3. Your message to Power Plant’s loyal customers?

Honestly, it has been an amazing journey to be able to get to where we are today. We have the most amazing customers (now turned friends), whom we see 7 days a week, every night without fail at our outlets since we reopened for dine-in! We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their continuous love and support, and also for their valuable feedback which has helped us improve our service and food! We understand that it is a tough time for everyone and we wish everyone good health and to stay safe! We also promise to come back stronger so we can serve you better!

4. How is Power Plant preparing for the new normal?


As mentioned, prior to the announcement of the MCO, we used China as a case study to better understand how to keep our staff and customers safe. I think our SOPs in place for the New Normal is even more detailed and thorough than what has been recommended by the authorities.

In setting in the new SOPs, the key factor is to change the mindset of all stake holders. Our staffing team understands that although the repetitive cleaning and disinfection of the outlet may be tiring, the ultimate goal is not only to keep the customers safe, but to also keep themselves safe and healthy.

Furthermore the new SOP is instilled using the top down approach, meaning that senior management themselves also help with ensuring everything is in order EVERYDAY, therefore there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for laziness or mistakes when it comes to this matter.


This new norm will change the behaviours of customers, so needless to say we must adapt to these changes quickly so that we can survive in this competitive industry. F&B as we know it will never be the same again, but we look forward with a determined mindset to overcome all challenges.