Apple Fox Cider Brings Wayyyy More Apples into Malaysia Book of Records

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With 6,140 real apples, Apple Fox Cider set a record with the Most Number of Apples Used in a Fox Shaped Display in Malaysia.

29 April 2019, Kuala Lumpur – Apple Fox Cider revealed a record setting giant fox installation made with 6,140 real apples, in conjunction with the brands ‘Wayyyy More Apples’ campaign. Rolling its way into the Malaysia Book of Records, Apple Fox has successfully snatched the title of the Most Number of Apples Used in a Fox Shaped Display in Malaysia! The installation was debuted at the Apple Fox Den Party – a celebration of the brand and the campaign which took place last Saturday on the 27th April 2019, which was attended by a total of 400 guests.Standing tall at 6.5 feet and 24 feet long this Apple Fox installation was officially certified the first ever fox shaped display made with the most number of real apples in Malaysia. The installation is a representation of Apple Fox Cider which is made with wayyyy more apples giving consumers the delicious taste of apples in every sip.


Apple Fox invited 400 guests to the party held at the Apple Fox Den which was located in a secret venue. Guests were gathered and brought to the secret venue where they enjoyed an array of decadent grub, a lineup of entertainment and experienced pouring their own Apple Fox Cider in draught! From the giant apple pool to guessing the number of apples in the giant fox, guests were absolutely absorbed in the fun-filled night and got to walk away with some goodies.

“We’re so glad to have the Apple Fox brand in the Malaysia Book of Records! As a fun and young brand, showcasing a giant fox installation with fresh apples really brings out what Apple Fox stands for – the quality of our cider. In line with our campaign, the installation also represents that we use wayyy more apples in our cider – giving our consumers a quality cider without compromising the taste of fresh apples,” said Eileen Chui, Senior Brand Manager at Heineken Malaysia Berhad.

Apple Fox Cider takes its quality seriously. Made with wayyyy more apples, Apple Fox Cider emphasizes on the quantity and quality of the ingredients that goes into making a distinct apple cider. Using only the freshest and juiciest apples from the best orchards – Apple Fox prides itself with wayyyy more apples with each bottle containing the juice from more than one apple, to deliver the original, crisp apple taste.

While Apple Fox Cider uses wayyyy more apples in the Apple Fox installation as well as its cider, the brand believes nothing should go to waste and therefore will be composting the apples from the installation.  With the support from the swift hands of GroundControl, Apple Fox Cider will be composting the apples used in the installation – producing in an estimated 800 litres of compost. The compost will be distributed among local community gardens in Klang Valley such as Kebun-Kebun Bangsar, Dignity Garden, and TTDI Edible Community Garden, in an effort to contribute to the environment.

Great news! For those who are interested to catch the record-breaking Apple Fox installation, it will be touring around Malaysia. Stay tuned as the exact locations of the Apple Fox installation will be announced soon. Don’t miss out on the chance to spot the Fox shaped display with the most number of apples in Malaysia!

Stay updated by following Apple Fox on Facebook at & Instagram at @AppleFox_MY or visit Don’t forget to include #WhatTheFox when you catch the Apple Fox installation with the Most Number of Apples Used in a Fox Shaped Display in Malaysia or even when enjoying your Apple Fox Cider with friends.


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