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Welcome to EverGreen

We launched our EverGreen strategy in February 2021 with the goal to future proof the business, adapt to new external dynamics and emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis.

EverGreen is a bold strategy to deliver superior and balanced growth and the next evolution of our HEINEKEN business. As a 157-year-old company, we think in generations and deliver long term, sustainable value creation.
Our EverGreen strategy has been built from four foundational areas, which we call the Green Diamond. We have grounded our strategy in our refreshed Purpose and Values, and we have clearly defined our Dream.

EverGreen – for a future-proof business

EverGreen represents our multi-year strategy allowing us to adapt to a fast-changing world and grow stronger.

We aim to deliver superior and balanced growth with greater focus on meeting the needs of consumers and customers. We will drive premiumisation, extending beer into non-alcoholic, flavoured and less bitter variants and moving beyond beer, for example with ciders and hard seltzers.

EverGreen leverages our existing strengths and new opportunities to chart the next chapter of our growth. Putting customers and consumers firmly at the core, we aim to continually enhance and expand our portfolio and footprint. We are making great strides in our end-to-end digital transformation to benefit our route-to-consumer and drive cost efficiencies as we aim to become the best connected brewer. We are stepping up our focus to deliver continuous productivity improvements and raising the bar our environmental and social sustainability ambitions.

EverGreen is a journey of both continuity and change, building on what has made us great and what is needed next. True to our ambitions, it meets short-term challenges and will ensure the long-term sustainability of our business to create lasting value for stakeholders.


In the summer of 2020, our leadership team collaborated with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders from around the world to co-create EverGreen. The name EverGreen was inspired by nature’s resilience and its ability to adapt and renew itself. We know it’s not the biggest nor strongest that survive, but the most adaptable. Our success will rely on our ability to respond to current times while staying true to our company values and heritage.

Our Green Diamond

Using the lens of the Green Diamond we want to be clear on “what winning looks like”. We aim to get the balance right between short-term delivery and long-term sustainability and between top-line growth and overall stakeholder value creation. The Green Diamond encapsulates our balanced ambition including drivers on Growth, Profitability, Capital Efficiency and Sustainability & Responsibility. At its heart EverGreen is a shift from superior growth to superior and balanced growth.

Our Five Priorities