We strongly believe that by fully integrating sustainability into the way we do business, we are best placed to make a meaningful impact on the world around us.

We believe in the long-term sustainability of our business. Our global sustainability strategy, Brew a Better World has had a profound influence on our business. It has driven us to innovate and collaborate to protect the environment, support local communities and make a positive contribution to society – all with the goal of supporting delivery of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As a responsible and progressive organisation, we pursue an increasingly holistic approach to sustainability, focusing on the entire value chain From Barley to Bar. As we are moving into a decade in which the world must face even more complex challenges. We know we can only thrive if the planet and our communities thrive. Our BaBW 2030 ambitions are woven into the fabric of our balanced growth strategy, putting environmental, socialsustainability and responsibility as our key focus areas as we write our next growth chapter.

Our ambitions and targets for this new chapter are in line with the benchmarks set by the UN Global Compact and we are determined to contribute to the UN SDGs to protect the planet, ensure prosperity and end poverty for all.

“As a responsible and progressive brewer, we are committed to Brew A Better World. On the local front, HEINEKEN Malaysia will be pursuing initiatives that enable us to meet our 2030 global commitments, expanding our use of renewable energy, improving water efficiency, maintaining our achievement in fully balancing the water used in out products, advocating responsible consumption, as well as bringing positive social impact to our communities”

“We know actions speak louder than words and that achieving real and lasting change is only possible throughcollective effort. Therefore, the 2030 Brew a Better World programme is a more holistic plan with clearer focus areas on how we can positively impact HEINEKEN Malaysia’s ecosystem – from our employees, partners, and suppliers to local communities, NGOs government, and other stakeholders.”

– Roland Bala, Managing Director of HEINEKEN Malaysia


On the path towards net zero impact
Our environmental sustainability ambition focuses on raising our bars in reaching carbon neutrality, maximise circularity and continue working towards healthy watersheds.

On the path to an inclusive, fair and equitable company and world
Our social sustainability ambition focuses embracing inclusion and diversity, building fairer and safer workplace and investing in local communities.

On the path to moderation and no harmful use of alcohol
Our responsible consumption ambition focuses on empowering consumers by providing choice, transparency and zero tolerance for the harmful use of alcohol.