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26 August 2014 – Discover their journey, feel their passion, be inspired by their dedication and celebrate their legacy through music. GUINNESS® Amplify shines a brand new light in celebrating musicians ‘Made of More’! Set to be a platform where our extraordinary local musicians showcase their talent alongside international stars, GUINNESS® Amplify: Music Made of More celebrates the remarkable journey of talented, dedicated and passionate musicians – musicians who are Made of More.

GUINNESS® Amplify: Music Made of More featured 6 incredible live shows in 6 weeks in locations across Peninsular Malaysia, with details of a special grand finale show featuring an international star soon to be revealed.


Showcasing the talent of 14 of Malaysia’s best acts including Kyoto Protocol, Paperplane Pursuit, OJ Law, Froya, and An Honest Mistake, GUINNESS® Amplify: Music Made of More is set to ignite everyone’s senses in a celebration of talent, passion, and dedication.

Kicking off the GUINNESS® Amplify Live Tour on Saturday 6th September at The Bee, Publika, will be much-loved US singer-songwriter Howie Day, known for his smash hits ‘Collide’, ‘She Says’, and many more. Howie will be joined on stage by local music heroes Kyoto Protocol and Paperplane Pursuit.

During the special media briefing session, media learned about the crux of the campaign: providing a platform for talented, passionate, and dedicated musical acts to showcase their art in a celebration of Music Made of More. Attendees were treated to a taste of what the campaign has in store, with special live performances by Paperplane Pursuit and Darren Ashley from Dash, two of the local acts involved in the campaign.

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