Strongbow Reconnects Urbanites with Nature

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World’s No. 1 cider uses unique approach to bring the optimism of nature to refresh lives in the city.

27 July 2018, KUALA LUMPUR – Strongbow Apple Ciders collaborates with three of Malaysia’s well-known champions of nature in design, comes together in a unique interactive experience that examines the human relationship and connectivity with nature. Strongbow’s “Refreshing by Nature” brings together first of its kind ideas by renowned architect Dato’ Dr. Ken Yeang, collective of sustainability creators Biji-Biji Initiative and leading terrarium makers Ohsum Mossum, breathing nature into the city, providing the balance of nature and freshness in urban living. The “Refreshing By Nature” experience is happening at the Ground Floor Concourse of 1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing) till Sunday, 29th July 2018.

Intended to bring people and nature together in an exciting and interactive way, the space creators were presented with the unconventional opportunity to express their interpretation of the brand’s proposition of “Refreshing by Nature”. The result: an experience that brings together fresh ideas and perspectives on how urbanites can reconnect with nature. Set in one of the busiest shopping centers in the city, offers visitors an ‘escape’ with nature, illustrates how Strongbow brings the optimism of nature – through the apples harvested in the orchard, to our lives in the city – it naturally refreshes and connects people between the two worlds.


“The energy the city gives, the city takes too. We need to connect with nature to refresh our minds and keep our connections real. But we believe that urbanites do not need to leave the city to be refreshed by nature,” said Jiri Rakosnik, Marketing Director of Heineken Malaysia Berhad. “Collaborating with these innovative minds has been an exciting endeavor and their take on “Refreshing by Nature” is both refreshing and enriching. Their creations allow consumers to connect more naturally with others and make the most of their city life.”

Strongbow Apple Ciders announces its new, global communication campaign, featuring a new tagline, Refreshing by Nature. Emphasizing what cider is – turning real apples into a deliciously refreshing drink – as well as Strongbow’s brand proposition, offering a new outlook on city life. The campaign will be rolled out nationwide, running across digital, print and trade activations.

A limited time offer of 6-bottle variety pack consisting of all three Strongbow Apple Ciders flavours and two complimentary glasses is available at major hypermarkets and supermarkets.

The refreshing taste of Strongbow Apple Ciders can also be enjoyed at most bars, pubs and restaurants. Get a complimentary ice bag with purchase of four bottles or glasses to keep your Strongbow perfectly chilled!

The “Refreshing By Nature” experience is open to the public from Wednesday, 25th July 2018 until Sunday, 29th July 2018 from 10:00 AM to 10:00PM and is located at the Ground Floor Concourse of 1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing). Everyone is invited to experience the harmony of nature with city lives.

More information on Strongbow Apple Ciders’ website ( Keep updated by following the Facebook page ( and Instagram page (@Strongbow_MY), as well as hashtags #StrongbowMY #RefreshingByNature


The Wonderland by Dato’ Dr. Ken Yeang

This installation recreates the experience of walking in the park or an orchard in a kaleidoscopic setting. A wonderland that indicates a new type of adventure nestled in-between dreams and reality, a place for people to discover self cognition. The connection with nature through the films and mirrors tinted in nature’s colours; blue (sea/water), green (grass), and orange (sunset), and the red beanbags that dot the installation which denote red apples, a representation of the real apples used in every bottle of Strongbow. The ‘trees’ in The Wonderland give each visitor a new experience – one can sit and contemplate looking at their own unique Wonderland, created by the reflection of the ‘trees’ and its visitors within this wonderland.

About Dato’ Dr. Ken Yeang – A globally respected architect and ecologist. He is widely revered as a pioneer and advocate of green architecture and is known for delivering distinctive and innovative ecological designs. His list of accolades also includes the reputable Aga Khan Award.

Concrete Jungle by Biji-Biji Initiative

Biji-Biji Initiative’s work addresses the issue of concrete jungle through an inversion of itself. The jungle consists of interactive trees made of reflective material with the purpose of highlighting the surroundings – a space that is surrounded by raw concrete finish – and to evoke a jungle that is cold and sterile in quality. Visitors interaction triggers lights in the space focusing on the symbiosis of nature and humans, one truly needs the other. The concrete jungle inverts itself into becoming a playful and welcoming jungle that responds to social activity whilst developing a reciprocal relationship with people.

About Biji-Biji Initiative – An environmental based social enterprise company that provides a range of up-cycling and art installation projects. Its core solutions are in the fields of, green technology, sustainability consultancy, design & fabrication, ethical fashion and skills education. More information at


Fresh Produce by Ohsum Mossum

This installation reimagines the common view of the shopping mall, our favourite destination. Concrete, old aisles with layers of products and humans going about their routine – limited human connection and almost totally devoid of injection of nature. What if nature took over, the cold aisles is covered with the lush greenery of nature. An experimentation of familiarity by taking on a regular space but also a feeling of displacement as it is covered in greenery. Spaces refreshed by fauna allowing us at the same time to take a step back, exhale and connect.

About Ohsum Mossum – The leading name in terrarium making allowing people to interact with nature and connect them to a world beyond their urban dwellings. Their designs emphasize simplicity, naturalism, humility and reverence. More information at

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