Tiger Chinese Education Charity Concert 2023 Breaks Record with RM 26 Million Raised

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RM407 million raised since 1994, bringing communities together for education.

KUALA LUMPUR, 23 November 2023 – HEINEKEN Malaysia has concluded its annual Tiger Chinese Education Charity Concert (Tiger CECC) program with record-breaking success. The social impact program raised RM26,354,318.50 through eight institutions, the highest amount recorded in a year since the inception of Tiger CECC in 1994. The funds raised also doubled its initial 2023 target of RM12 million. With overwhelming response and generosity from the concert attendees, Tiger CECC was able to support in upgrading seven schools and contribute to UTAR Hospital’s overall development, benefitting local communities across Malaysia.

The eight-show series made an impact in institutions across Malaysia including Nan Hwa High School, SJKC Chio Min A&B, SJKC Mentakab (2), SJKC Damansara, SJKC Yu Ming, SMJK Chan Wa, and SJKC Kheng Chee. For the first time this year, the programme also extended its support beyond schools to UTAR Hospital in Kampar, contributing to its development while benefiting both the local communities and medical students.

Roland Bala, Managing Director of HEINEKEN Malaysia, expressed, “We are truly proud of the overwhelming response and immense generosity from all contributors for this year’s Tiger Chinese Education Charity Concert. We know that we can only thrive if our people, the planet

and the communities around us thrive. As we stay true to our purpose to Brew the Joy of True Togetherness, the success of the series echoes our commitment to fostering community well-being and demonstrates the remarkable impact we can achieve when we unite for a shared cause. With that, we are extremely grateful that this year’s results were beyond expectations.”

Since its inception, Tiger CECC has been growing with local communities for numerous generations. The programme funded more than 540ocal schools for almost 30 years through charity concerts, organised alongside its media partner. From 1994 till today, the programme has successfully raised more than RM407 million, making a lasting impact on thousands of students and playing a role in the nation’s educational foundation.

The top Tiger CECC performers such as Freddie and the Catz, Chris Cheong, Wu Jia Hui, Yee Yee, Victor Lee, Z Yan, Zac Chi Chiang, Jyin, and Victor Lee maintained their vibrant energy across all eight shows. In the months leading up to the shows, Freddie and the Catz, in particular, also conducted talks on parent-child relationships to promote holistic child development as well as to raise awareness for the fundraising cause. Together, all performers contributed significantly to the program’s success from start to finish.

Among all the concerts, an exceptional highlight was SMJK Chan Wa’s achievement of raising RM9.37 million, surpassing the initial RM5 million target. This accomplishment marks a record-breaking amount of funds raised by an individual school in the history of Tiger CECC. Dato’ Oh Kok Khim, Chairman of School Governors Board, expressed his gratitude, saying, “Tiger Chinese Education Charity Concert has brought about meaningful change to our school. Through this collaboration, we are empowered to provide a more enriching educational experience while fostering the potential of our students.”

Over the years, Tiger CECC has continued to be a beacon of hope and inspiration, demonstrating the power of collaboration in making a difference in local education. As the social impact programme concludes this year, stay tuned as Tiger CECC is set to return next year to unite communities once again.

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