Guinness Keeps Spirits High This CNY By Giving Two Fans A Special Experience

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By Yiing Zhi (TallyPress)

The festive season of Chinese New Year rolls around again, and this year, we’re having a bit of a different celebration. Instead of large-scale gatherings and reunion dinners with the whole family, we see virtual reunions and gatherings instead. No doubt it feels different being unable to gather in person, and the festive mood might be dampened a little. However, the celebrations must still go on, and Guinness provided two lucky fans with a special CNY experience to help them celebrate! This is their special experience, and you too, can keep your spirits high this CNY with Guinness.

Celebrating CNY Despite Uncertainties

This CNY is definitely a very different one from the ones we know. Travel and gatherings are restricted, and many have to celebrate CNY away from home/family. Guinness, hearing these stories, stepped in and provided two lucky fans with a CNY-changing experience with a virtual experience giveaway, which includes a five-course meal prepared by celebrity chef Sherson Lian and Johnny Fua from Kitchen Mafia, as well as a virtual karaoke session–all microphones provided by Guinness.


CNY Must Go On

We’ve had to forgo many CNY traditions and its accompanying activities in an attempt to stay safe, namely shopping for CNY clothes, reunion dinners, game sessions… But if there’s something we can do during this time, it is to go on with celebrations the best we can, for this will bring a sense of normalcy and also lift our spirits. Not to mention that CNY is an important event, and people are still aiming to celebrate, connect with loved ones, and share good wishes for a prosperous year ahead. As we all navigate through a new, different CNY, Guinness brings a dash of positivity with its familiar taste, and helps to keep CNY spirits high by bringing CNY traditions to people, encouraging all to maintain positivity.

The CNY-Changing Experience

For two lucky fans, they had an unforgettable CNY experience thanks to Guinness. Nicholas Lee had a five-course meal prepared by celebrity chef Sherson Lian and Johnny Fua from Kitchen Mafia, while Vale V Wong enjoyed a virtual karaoke session with his friends and family. This is their experience:

Nicholas Lee’s Five-Course Meal

Despite the distance, Guinness made good on their promise and delivered the five-course meal to Nicholas and his family members. The five-course meal consisted of:

  • Yee Sang: Prosperity toss with an array of fresh vegetables and fruits, served with beetroot-cured salmon and soft shell crab
  • Superior Soy Braised Chicken: Whole kampung chicken braised is superior soy sauce with herbs and spices; served with a bottle of RENCAH
  • “Nian Nian You Yu”: Crispy fried live tilapia with Mandarin Oriental sauce
  • 8 Treasures “Poon Choi”: Abalone, mushrooms, broccoli, prawns, smoked duck, scallops, sea cucumber, and fried gluten puffs
  • Buddha’s Delight: Vegetarian stew with an array of Vegetables, “Fatt Choi”, beancurd, and wood ear fungus
  • Lotus Wrapped Glutinous Rice: Flavoured with duck “bak kwa”, chestnuts, and dried mushrooms

These dishes are traditional Chinese dishes, symbolic of good luck, abundance, and prosperity; which are usually found in reunion dinners. Though Nicholas and his family


was separated by physical distance, enjoying this meal together virtually made it feel like home. Apart in distance, but close at heart, they welcomed the new year together; an experience made even more enjoyable with mandarin oranges and Guinness Foreign Extra Stout provided by Guinness.

Vale V Wong’s Virtual Karaoke Session

One of the quintessential CNY activities is to gather and have fun together, whether it be gaming sessions or karaoke sessions, which help families and loved ones bond. To provide a CNY activity that’s still possible, Guinness sent Vale V Wong and his friends and family a microphone set each, and even helped set up the virtual call for a virtual singing session. Music is one of the few things that transcends the soul and has its own power, and Vale and his loved ones enjoyed the session, letting the music bring them together. What’s more, Vale himself is actually a part-time singer, and his friends and family enjoyed being serenaded by him as he performed for them, enjoying some mandarin oranges and Guinness Foreign Extra Stout while at it.

Celebrate Guinness With A Dash Of Familiarity

Despite all the uncertainty and differences, there’s one thing you can count on to remain the same this CNY: the

familiar taste of Guinness. Let Guinness keep your spirits high this CNY, and enjoy its familiar taste as you virtually reunite, or simply chill at home. Purchase Guinness now at with amazing festive promotions and discount prices:

  • Guinness 6-can pack: RM46 (usually RM47)
  • Guinness 2 x 6-can pack: RM86 (usually RM89)
  • Guinness 24-can pack: RM150.90 (usually RM172)

You are also entitled to free delivery if you make a purchase of RM140 and above!

Besides, you can also purchase Guinness at selected hypermarkets and supermarkets.

Enjoy Guinness while celebrating CNY, and while you do so, remember to abide by all the SOPs, stay safe, and don’t drink and drive!

For more information, you can visit Guinness’ Facebook or Instagram pages.

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